Thursday, 19 January 2012


Rising early is not a natural thing for me.... I often wish I was one of those people that only need six hour’s sleep, but for me I’m barely functional unless I get eight or nine hours. So when the kids rise with the birds at 5am I am not a happy person!!. But when I am bribed with cuddles and coffee …well, that does calm the growling beast within. 
Funny thing is I am only a decaf drinker now but it still manages to soothe me on the weariest of days, and will never weaken my love for thee. 

On that note, I do wish we could still friends.... I miss the buzz that just kept me on my feet for hours on end...  But the reality is, that we are only just distant acquaintances now and only in very minute doses we can find our happy medium without all the jittery craziness it brings upon me ♥
Anytime Really

And even better with a good book

Says it All!!!

Must be time for a cuppa.....









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  1. Aaah thanks Mon I have been up since quite early too, teething bubba needing cuddles :) I am off to make myself one now. Have a fabulous day xx